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Commendation from US Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC)

Commendation from US Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC)

Our own Shane Miller was one of a team of DSTG and Industry representatives to receive a commendation from the US Naval Air Warfare Centre (NAWC) for a 15-year collaboration on co-developing air combat EW with the US Navy for the RAAF's F/A-18 variants, including the Super Hornet (F/A-18F) and Growler (EA-18G) fleets. The commendations were in recognition of exemplary contributions to the very close, long-term ‘co-development’ partnership that exists between DSTG, RAAF and NAWC.

Shane helped develop low-band geo-location capability that is used to estimate the location of signals emanating from systems of interest. This capability assists Growler aircraft to undertake a broad set of roles including jamming of adversarial systems.

This advanced capability grew out of DSTG research, and lead to a long-term ‘co-development’ partnership that exists between DSTG (and partner industry like Swordfish), RAAF and NAWC.

The commendations were presented by Dr. Dale Lambert, Chief of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division (CEWD), Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG).

RAAF Air Commodore Tim ‘Gecko’ Churchill who played significant roles in the success of this co-development series commented "Getting good ideas into capability, having a scientific vision ending up as delivering capability – that is the goal of every engineer, and that’s what we’re continuing to achieve.’

This statement resonates with the Swordfish mission, "Transforming Science & Technology Into Cutting-Edge Defence Solutions", and one of our best and brightest once again, delivered on that mission.

Congratulations Shane on recognition that's well deserved.

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