Swordfish Computing personnel offer extensive general software development expertise with particular experience and skills in the areas of C++, HLA, STAGE and EDGE/EDO application development.


Swordfish Computing has successfully completed a number of comprehensive projects utilising the EDGE Development Option (EDO) toolkit from Autometric Inc.

EDO is a C++ toolkit for visualising entities in a near earth environment. It provides a powerful Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) foundation for the development of advanced battle space visualisation applications in both 2D and 3D.

EDO projects successfully undertaken by Swordfish Computing include:


Swordfish Computing has successfully undertaken a number of projects involving extensions of the STAGE constructive wargame simulation system at the C/C++ level. STAGE is from Virtual Prototypes Inc.


STAGE projects undertaken by Swordfish Computing include:


Swordfish Computing is experienced with HLA development.

HLA - or High Level Architecture - is an advanced object oriented simulation integration protocol developed by the US Defence Modelling and Simulation Office, now mandated for all US DoD simulation projects. It provided an alternative to the ageing DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) protocol for interconnection of real-time visual simulation systems but offers potential far beyond this.

HLA projects undertaken by Swordfish Computing include:


Swordfish Computing personnel are highly experienced with C++, especially on Windows platforms using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and the Visual Studio development environment.

Swordfish Computing strongly believes in making the optimum use of available toolkits (such as MFC) in order to achieve the maximum productivity, especially for rapid prototype development projects such as those often required in the DSTO research environment.