Exercise Prowling Pegasus

Land Operations Division recently conducted the week long Prowling Pegasus exercise to examine the effectiveness of different mixes of air assets and ground forces is an integrated land battle scenario.

A synthetic environment established was established to support the exercise and combined land assets simulated in LOD's Synthetic Environment Research Facility (SERF) in Salisbury (Adelaide) with air assets simulated in AOD's Air Operations Simulation Centre (AOSC) at Fishermans Bend (Melbourne).

The simulation included tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), F/A-18's, Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters (ARH) and Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD).

Two ARH simulators with real air crew and the ModSAF wargame simulating the land battle were provided by the SERF. And two F/A-18 simulators with real air crew and the STAGE wargame simulating the air battle were provided by the SERF.

All command and control was via the LandScape system which was deployed in all 10 manned locations throughout the exercise including: the ARH cockpits; the ARH and F/A-18 squadron headquarters; the battalion headquarters; the JOSC; the various exercise control locations.

The LandScape system, supported by Swordfish Computing personnel, performed faultlessly over the course of the exercise, with over 600 entities and more than a million track data points represented.