Land Situation Awareness System

Swordfish Computing has developed a concept demonstration 3D Land Situation Awareness and Mission Management System for Land Operations Division.

The system was initially developed to support evaluation of the effectiveness of advanced situation and mission management concepts for the AIR87 project - the Army's multi-billion project to establish a new Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter capability.

The system, known as LandScape, provides Army commanders with a 3D visualisation the latest up-to-date battle situation. Maps and imagery overlaid on top of 3D terrain elevation models provide a realistic view of the battle environs. The current locations of all known units and other entities are displayed as military symbols, equipment icons or 3D models. Semi-transparent volumes indicate sensor and weapon ranges. Laser designated target locations; vectors indicating warning detections and lased ranges are also displayed.

Planning information can also be entered and displayed on the system. Plans consisting of groups of text annotations, lines and tracks can be entered, saved and further edited at a later time.

The LandScape system runs as a client application on any number of workstations. All battlespace entity and planning information is stored in a central situation awareness (SA) database. Any changes to the information in the shared database is automatically reflected in all LandScape displays. If for example and intelligence officer at one station reclassifies a detection as hostile and adds a threat envelope, this is immediately reflected on all other displays. Similarly, planning information is shared and disseminated via the central shared database.

The LandScape system was recently deployed successfully as the SA/MMS system on 10 workstations for Exercise Prowling Pegasus.

LandScape was developed in C++ using the Edge Development Option (EDO) toolkit from Autometric Inc.